General questions about the CareAlert Smart Dialler.

What is the CareAlert Smart Dialler?

The CareAlert Smart Dialler is a world-class Personal Alert System that ensures contact is made with family, friends or a 24/7 monitoring station in the event of an emergency in or around the home or workplace. Even Triple Zero can be included. CLICK HERE to read the CareAlert story.

Can it work in conjunction with a 24/7 monitoring centre?

It sure can! The CareAlert Smart Dialler is the most flexible personal alert system in Australia. If you would like to have your CareAlert professionally monitored then CLICK HERE to order online OR please contact us on 1300 75 85 95 and we can connect you to one of Australias leading monitoring stations. Flexible payment options available starting at just $30/month (includes sim card fees). That's LESS THAN $1 PER DAY!

Is this alarm only for the elderly living at home alone?

The CareAlert system is perfect for seniors who may be living at home alone. Besides seniors, it is used by lone workers or workers who may need to contact security quickly and people with disabilities.

Do you have to connect it to the mobile phone network?

Yes. A sim card is now an essential component for all medical alarms where your landline will eventually be disconnected due to the nbn rollout. It allows your personal alert system to be able to use the mobile network to make an emergency call without a phone service provided over the nbn™ broadband access network or Landline. CareAlert offers a low-cost managed sim card service that operates on the Optus network. Our system is not locked to any specific provider so if Optus coverage is inadequate in your area you are able to source your own suitable sim. If you need assistance with this please call us and we can discuss other options.

Is it expensive to use a CareAlert managed sim card on the mobile phone network?

No. Our emergency only sim is only $6.49/month with flexible payment options available Yearly or monthly). This sim will allow 8 emergency calls every month. In the unlikely event that all 8 emergency calls are used the system will still be able to contact Triple Zero. If you would like more emergency calls or would like the ability to use our sim card to make calls CLICK HERE for more options or call 1300 75 85 95 to discuss.

Can you talk and listen through the pendant to the calls?

No. 2 way conversations can be established through the base station only. It has been designed this way so as to keep the pendant smaller and completely waterproof. Other systems that do have this feature suggest not to submerse or wear the pendant in water. Our pendant is totally waterproof and can be worn in the shower or bath.

Facts about the CareAlert Smart Dialler.

What is the size of the pendant?

CLICK HERE to see specifications of our pendant and base station

What happens if it gets wet?

The pendant is IP65 rated meaning it is ok to wear in the shower or bath.

Is it easy to accidentally activate?

No, our pendant has been designed with a dual button activation system meaning it is near impossible to activate accidentally.

How far away will my pendant work from my base station?

The CareAlert pendant can work up to and sometimes exceed 150 meters making it suitable for large properties

How do I keep track of the prepaid credit and buy more before it runs out?

If you choose CareAlerts managed sim card option you will not need to worry about this, we will do it for you. If you choose to source your own sim card it will be your responsibility to manage and top up the credit when required.

Can I change the 5 emergency contact numbers later?

You sure can. Your pack will include an instruction manual on how to do this.

Can the alarm call mobile numbers and landline numbers?

Yes, you sure can.

Can the CareAlert call 000 in an emergency?

Yes, we recommend you always have Triple Zero programmed into your alert system in the event that your other emergency contacts are unavailable. If Triple Zero is contacted they will automatically send an Ambulance to your address.

Recharging the CareAlert system.

Do you have to charge it often?

No. The base station has a rechargeable battery that automatically charges while it is connected to 240v power. The pendant battery is not rechargeable and will eventually need replacing. CareAlert suggests this be done every 2-3 years. To test the pendant battery simply press the yellow button on the pendant. If it is going flat the base station will verbally tell you when it needs changing. If when you press the yellow button you hear a ‘ding dong’ doorbell chime, this means all is OK. Batteries can be purchased from CareAlert or most hardware shops. Your pack contains a screwdriver to change the battery.

Ordering the CareAlert Smart Dialler.

Is there any delivery or shipping fees?

No, shipping is FREE!

Once I have ordered how long till it arrives?

Your Alarm will be sent to you via Australia Post. How long it takes to arrive will depend on your delivery location. Once we have shipped your order you will be able to track your delivery via Australia Post’s website. We endeavour to send your Mobile Alarm within 24 hours after receiving your order. Australia post delivery will be up to 5 business days.

UPDATE: Due to Covid-19, Australia Post have advised that delivery times will be delayed to many locations . See Australia Post website for details. 

Are my credit card details safe when I buy this alarm online?

CareAlert uses SecurePay Payment Gateway for its online credit card transactions. Secure Pay processes online credit card transactions for thousands of Australian merchants, providing a safe and secure means of collecting payments via the Internet. All online credit card transactions performed on this site are secured payments.

Is there a money-back guarantee on this alarm?

Yes, there is a 30-day moneyback guarantee’ on the CareAlert Smart Dialler. CLICK HERE to see full details on our Refund & Returns policy.

What happens if when I receive the Alarm I can’t get a strong enough signal in the home it is going to be used in?

If you are unsure of your mobile coverage CLICK HERE to see if our managed sim on the Optus network is suitable. If the coverage map indicates inadequate coverage at that location we can advise you on other options. It should be noted that the coverage maps are not always 100% accurate and black spots in the networks can occur. This a characteristic of all wireless and mobile phone networks. Sometimes a black spot is only discovered by the user when the Alarm is tested in the user’s home. In this case, our Refund & Returns policy applies where a refund will be offered.

What kind of warranty does it come with?

The CareAlert Smart Dialler comes with a 12-month warranty. Extra warranty can be purchased when ordering. CLICK HERE to see our Warranty policy.

  • Our 24-hour sales phone number is 1300 75 85 95
  • Our Technical support phone number is 08 7480 6000

If no one is available you can leave a message and a CareAlert representative will call you back as soon as possible. 

Post: PO Box 100, SURREY DOWNS SA 5126
Fax: (08) 7123 0837

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