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The "" website ("website") is operated by Safety Electrical Services Pty Ltd... trading as CareAlert (Business Number BN04418890). Your use of the website is conditional upon your acceptance and compliance with the terms, conditions, notices and disclaimers set out below ("Terms and Conditions"). You should read them now. Your use of the website and your purchase of any product constitutes your agreement to the Terms and Conditions.
CareAlert reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice to you. Your continued use of the website after any amendment becomes effective and constitutes an agreement by you to abide and be bound by the Terms and Conditions, as so amended.
The products on the website are only available for sale to individuals who can make legally binding contracts. The products are not available to persons under the age of 18 years and any other persons who are legally prohibited from entering into binding contracts.

Website Orders
Any order placed by you in the manner described in this website is an offer by you to purchase a particular product for the price (including the delivery and other charges and taxes) specified in this website at the time you place your order on these Terms and Conditions. CareAlert reserves the right to accept or reject your offer for any reason, including, without limitation, the unavailability of any product, an error in the price or the product description posted on this website, or an error in your order. Your contract with CareAlert only comes into existence when it forwards confirmation of receipt of your order and payment.

Product Purchase

  • I understand that I am bound by the CareAlert Returns / Refund policy outlined on their website.
  • I understand that under no circumstances should the CareAlert Smart Dialler or any other associated website products be solely relied upon if I have a life-threatening illness. Using this Smart Dialler completely indemnifies the manufacturer and/or its selling agents from any legal action for whatever reason.
  • I understand that the CareAlert Smart Dialler requires an uninterrupted dial tone for it to function correctly. If a phone is accidentally left off the hook then this device will not function. With model CA0417 the device will function if a phone is left off the hook that is directly plugged into the actual unit.
  • I understand that Safety Electrical Services P/L and CareAlert and any of its associated companies or agents are not responsible if my CareAlert device has been adversely affected so that it may fail to function correctly caused by any external interference such as, but not limited to, over voltage surges, EMF interference, nearby electrical or electronic equipment interference, 3G / 4G interference including loss of mobile sim signal or any other external causes.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that the batteries of my CareAlert Smart Dialler and pendant are replaced at the intervals outlined in the instruction manual, so as to provide continuity of operation. 
  • I understand that my Landline based CareAlert Smart Dialler (other than Model No CA0417) will cease to operate in a power failure if I am connected to the NBN via FTTN (Fibre to the Node) or MTM (Multi-Technology Mix) or any other NBN technology and that it is solely my responsibility to ensure that should I require this device to continue functioning during a power failure then I am fully responsible to purchase what is required to do so.
  • I understand that the CareAlert Smart Dialler has its own inbuilt battery backup supply but that Safety Electrical Services Pty Ltd / CareAlert are not responsible for supplying any battery back-up product or any other device that may be needed to allow for the continuation of correct operation of the CareAlert Smart Dialler should any third party supplied product not work during a power failure.
  • I understand that if I am connected to the NBN via FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) that NBN may at their discretion supply a battery back-up to ensure that my CareAlert Smart Dialler will continue to function in a power failure and that I must deal direct with NBN or my RSP to acquire this backup support. This offer from NBNco may change at their discretion.
  • I understand that any purchased product operating on the 3G / 4G platform is subject to relevant carrier coverage and supply and their terms and conditions.
  • I understand that Safety Electrical Services and CareAlert do not guarantee the strength or continuous mobile phone signal from any mobile supplier.
  • I understand that any purchase of 3G / 4G CareAlert products are based upon my own checks to ensure adequate 3G / 4G coverage will be available in the area I intend to use my product.
  • I understand that returns of any 3G / 4G products are subject to prescribed costs and admin fees as outlined on this website.
  • I understand that if ever any Telco's decision to cease to continue to operate their 3G or 4G platform or change or cease operating any frequencies or cease to accept voice-only messaging that the CareAlert System may also cease to operate. 
  • I understand that it is solely my responsibility to correctly and carefully follow all steps in the operation manual when setting up my CareAlert products. Failure to do so may void the warranty.
  • I understand that the GPS go-anywhere device will only function if it has detected a mobile network, has a minimum 15% battery charge, and is used in accordance with manufacturers' instructions. I also acknowledge that the GPS unit will not always provide an exact location using Google maps due to variants beyond the control of CareAlert and all affiliated companies. 
  • I understand that it is solely my responsibility to ensure that I regularly test the CareAlert products as outlined in the operation manual. Failure to do so may void the warranty
  • I understand that CareAlert may share my purchase details with NBNco for the sole reason to ensure that I am registered on the NBNco medical alarm registrar for the purposes of a coordinated migration from PSTN landline functionality to the NBN platform.

Manual Orders
Any order received offline e.g. phone/ fax/brochure/email etc can incur an additional fee to cover administration staff time to enter details into the online system. Manual orders will be processed by an authorized CareAlert administration staff only.  (Manual orders are processed by Admin Staff offline).

Prices of products and services and delivery and other charges displayed on this website are current at the time of issue, but may change at any time and are subject to availability.
Goods and Services ("GST") and Other Taxes
Prices displayed on this website are inclusive of GST (if applicable) and applied at the rate of 10%. If the delivery address is outside Australia, the GST component of each price will be deducted after we receive your order. We will send an email confirming the order amount after deduction of the GST component.
You are responsible for any taxes, duties or other liabilities imposed by any governmental agency, including without limitation, any customs duty, goods and services taxes or any value added tax imposed on any products or services acquired or ordered by you from this website.

Please read the Delivery Information contained on the website. The delivery times are indicative only and CareAlert will not be liable for any failure to observe these delivery times.
Risk and Title
CareAlert will retain title to the products you order until you have made payment in full for those products, but all risk in the products will pass to you upon their delivery to or collection by a postal or courier service. You should consider whether to obtain any suitable insurance.

The circumstance in which CareAlert Online is obliged to make a Refund is detailed in our Customer Support Policy. Purchasing any product from CareAlert is based upon you agreeing to the Refund Policy outlined on the CareAlert website

Limitation of liability
CareAlert will in no way be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, resulting from use or inability to use the website or for the cost of procurement of substitute products or resulting from any products purchased or obtained or messages received or transactions entered into through the website or resulting from unauthorized access to or alteration of your transmissions or data or of any information contained on this website, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, use, data or other intangible, even if CareAlert has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
Where any Act of Parliament implies in the Terms and Conditions any term, condition or warranty, and that Act avoids or prohibits provisions in a contract excluding or modifying the application of or exercise of, or liability under such term, condition or warranty, such term, condition or warranty shall be deemed to be included in the Terms and Conditions, however, the liability of CareAlert for any breach of such term, condition or warranty shall be limited, at the option of CareAlert Online, to any one or more of the following:
1. If the breach relates to goods:
o The replacement of the goods or supply of equivalent goods;
o The repair of such goods;
o The payment of the cost of replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods; or
o The payment of the cost of having the goods repaired; and
2. If the breach relates to services:
o The supplying of the services again; or
o The payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.

While the information contained on the website is believed to be accurate and current, it is provided by CareAlert in good faith on an "as is" basis. CareAlert, its' directors, officers or employees make no representation or warranty as to the reliability, accuracy or completeness of the information contained on the website and none of them accept any responsibility arising in any way (including negligence) for errors in, or omissions from, the information contained in the website.
To the extent (if any) that the content of the website does not satisfy the laws of a country other than Australia, it is not directed to persons in those countries and they should not use the website.

The website contains links to websites not maintained, controlled or associated with CareAlert and it does not make any endorsement, or any representation as to the accuracy, of information contained on those websites. CareAlert Online will not accept any responsibility for the accuracy, ownership or any other aspect of the information contained on those Web Sites.

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CareAlert Online does not represent that any information (including any file) obtained from or through the website is free from computer viruses or other faults or defects. It is your responsibility to scan any such information for computer viruses. CareAlert Online will not be liable to you or to any other person for any loss or damage (whether direct, indirect, consequential or economic), however caused and whether by negligence or otherwise, which may result directly or indirectly from any such information. To the extent that any liability may be imposed on CareAlert Online, it shall be limited to the cost of re-supplying that information.

Applicable law
These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the state and federal laws of Australia and in particular the state of South Australia. You agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the state of South Australia.