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Prepare for the Mobile 3G Shutdown

Channel 7 NEWS - Australias 3G Network shutting down, fears for elderly (aired December 2023)

As technology advances, networks like 3G are being replaced by faster options. The imminent shutdown of Mobile 3G by major providers prompts CareAlert users to upgrade to 4G devices for continued emergency connectivity.

CareAlert recognises the significance of this transition, especially for seniors reliant on personal alarm systems. We're here to assist in the smooth shift from 3G to 4G devices, offering guidance for users unsure about their device type. To ensure uninterrupted safety, those with devices purchased before 2020 likely need to upgrade.

Upgrading to a 4G device is both simple and cost-effective. Contact us at 1300 75 85 95 for an upgrade, ensuring continuous service and enhanced features. For NDIS participants or those with Home Care Packages, we facilitate the process upon request. CareAlert prioritises seamless connectivity and reliable support, addressing queries about the Optus 3G network shutdown or device upgrades.

Our dedicated team is ready to assist, committed to making this transition effortless for your safety.

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