Help CareAlert join GEAT2GO

Dear Providers and Occupational Therapists,


We are reaching out to request your signature on a petition aimed at introducing CareAlert products to the GEAT2GO platform.

CareAlert offers a range of cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance safety, independence, and quality of life for individuals with diverse needs. However, these valuable products are currently unavailable on GEAT2GO, a platform many of you rely on for accessing assistive technology.

Why CareAlert on GEAT2GO?

Enhanced Safety: 
CareAlert products are equipped with advanced alert systems that can help prevent accidents and provide immediate assistance when needed.

Promoting Independence:
These tools empower our clients to live more independently, aligning with our goal of fostering autonomy.

Improved Quality of Life:
With features that cater to various needs, CareAlert products can make everyday tasks easier and more manageable for your clients.

Your signature can make a difference!
 By collectively voicing your support, we can encourage GEAT2GO to include CareAlert products, ensuring that we have access to the best resources available for your clients.

Please help us by filling out the short form below.